I like peace….

Everyone is busy and running day and night .Sometime in the need of money we go the place that we never dream of. So why not we get the ultimate aim of life by doing so .The ultimate aim can even achieve at the home, in lawn but how?This is the matter of inner thought. 

The human tendency of thinking and desiring all time destroy the natural beauty of mind.something it kills the real human interface. But in the world of desire one can get the real taste of life without being looking too much if he is satisfied, for that he need to be peaceful .

Seat in clean and natural beauty,no one is there,  realised as if the clean and cold breeze touching your face ,you will feel the magic of peace …..


Misery !

Many times  I try to see myself in mirror, but I don’t see  real in me that is =’SOUL’.😊😊


Very much missing…..

People sometime say that we are growing and we are developing day by day. We eat in hotel and celebrate in malls. As in the days of technology and high-speed world, everyone is crossing its limit only to achieve something .No doubt they are very good and they too are able to achieve their desire but in real they are not able to find the true peace and happiness.

High class societies, high-class family even they too live on this earth but they feel shy to move on bare foot .Their children are following the same steps as they are.  we live in high building having A.C, Car, TV, washing machine all facility we have ,instead of these things one thing is missing in our home is happiness ,is what today’s top class society is demanding.

We go to celebrate in malls, pubs and bar because we live in high society that we even not get the time to know who our neighbor is, you even cannot think of our relatives…….inner voice of human living in urban areas.

This is what today’s world is facing the lack of interaction, lack of manner and lack of many more things. Days are not far when men will not find a single man to take their body to the graveyard .Surely this too will be business for the people to carry the dead and miser body to graveyard.

What is happening even a small boy or girl is hesitating to interact with neighbor only due to class or what they called status? They think fifty times before reply to anyone. They are losing the real taste of life. Life is to joy, talk, and celebrate, making friends and give helping hand to everyone. But in the world of so-called society they too are suffering. It’s not their fault but the fault of one who gave them birth.

A boy of farmer or auto driver are healthier than the one who live in so-called society because they don’t have tension, they don’t have restriction and they don’t have boundaries .They run in open fields like tiger, they laugh without the reason and they play in rain with joy .If they are crying or laughing the whole village will come to know, yes he is crying but reverse is the case with today’s society. Even they are not able to cry or laugh in natural way. Here to restriction on laughing and crying.

So everything is missing whether its monsoon play or festival celebration with friends in the society. Needs to look back in the past history where family and society was setting example of happiness and unity. It’s the call of time to see what we are missing, after all we all have to die and everyone will be buried in soil not in Ac room.

Answers from yours side……

Hello everyone ,how are you all?Hope you doing well .After one week i am back again .Once again with new post ?No this time it will be something different .


This time not a post but a session of interaction ………

I am giving you a pen and paper for what ?  not to write a poem or to write an article but to write about me what you think . I too wanna to know and i am eager to know what other thinks of me .So waiting for your valuable comments 🙂

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Thanks: – Mahak Saluja (https://incrediblethoughtsandideas.wordpress.com/)–

 Quote: -“A woman’s mind is cleaner than a man’s, she changes it more often.” – Oliver Herford
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First of all i would like to thank God Shiva ,who has given me this platform to share my ideas and thought in front of this world.

Now the person who has nominated me for this beautiful and amazing award is non other than Fairy kumarhttps://pixiesparklecom.wordpress.com/.. She is an amazing writer. Thank you very much for considering me in your nominations. I saw your writing skills and read your all post daily .You are amazing writer .I hope one day you will get award from the president of India. Best of luck for this.

Another person who think I am able for this award is Fernanda Gaevara (https://simplyfernanda.wordpress.com/) .She is very supportive . Her blog is beautiful and nice .She reads my all post and most important she always comment on my post something that is very important for a writer. So thank you Fernanda.

And last but not the least I would like to thank Anjali (https://eloraquence.wordpress.com/) who too has nominated me for this award .She is very impressive writer and very friendly too. Her blog is full of motivation, so please roam her blog for some beautiful motivation. So thank you all once again!

 My online-written Journey started like this:-

Well friends first of all I would like to starts with a line which is mine “Zindage tho har koi jeeta hai yaro,par log kuch hee ko yaad karty hai”(Everyone is surviving my friends but only few are being remembered!) so this is my aim to be. Regarding me, neither I am super talented not I am dull but my words are as effective as a nose of new blade which has fine edges. I like to write on the burning issues including nature. I like to write love and romantic poems too. I am very simple guy who produce long lasting effect on an individual. I like to practice Raj yoga which is interlinking of soul to supreme god Shiva. So I would like to request to do this practice which is very helpful in this fake world. Friends you all know that whether its mother, or father, or your friends, they only live with you for certain period of time but it is the god who lives with us for 24 hours ,so why not we are doing friendship with him. He can be our best companion believe me!  I have been enjoyed his accompany. He gives me the power to write so i am introducing him in front of all.


Love everyone hate non .Time is less for all, who know who will live this body first. Live with poor ,see their life then you will find yourself I’m better than them .So just don’t compare yourself to them ,do something for them because they will give nothing but only blessings that will remain with you if you relinquish this body. And always think positive for all even if anyone thinks negative for you ,just you think good for him/her.That will be your good deeds too. I know I am not telling how to improve writing skills but giving lecture on spirituality but my dear friend no one has time to tell this .Everyone is thinking whether my followers are increasing or not but some people think for many. So be happy and be in soul consciousness rather than going for body. Thank you all



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Thanks: – Mahak (https://incrediblethoughtsandideas.wordpress.com/) 


Quote: -“Attraction is the biggest destruction.” – Vibhash Ojha


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Well I think this Quotes challenge has been given me at least 1 week ago but due to some work, I was not in flow. So I am accepting the challenge. You might have heard “Jo dar gaya wo mar gaya”(he who is afraid is dead …),neither I am afraid nor I am dead but I was accumulating my energy so I am back with full energy. 🙂


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Thanks: – Mahak (https://incrediblethoughtsandideas.wordpress.com/)–She is a young and energetic writer .I like her writing and her motivational post. She is very friendly.

Quote: -“Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.” – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Yes this quote is my favorite in my life and I follow it in every step of life. Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is my role model of my life too. So friends don’t take rest because your goal is waiting for you go and have it.

Nominations: ——— All three are very good writer .Their work are superb.


  1. Mehar Malhotra (https://meharmalhotra.wordpress.com/)
  2. Tanayaborgaonkar (https://tanayaborgaonkar.wordpress.com/)
  3. Anjali(https://eloraquence.wordpress.com/)





I Swear…

 I swear I will not see you,

But presence will role on you,

I swear I will not touch you,

But my fragrances will amaze you.

 I swear I will not hug you,

 But my pamper love will pull you,

 I swear I will not come to you,

But my sweet memories will refresh you.

I swear I will not be there with you,

But my breath will be forever for you,

I swear I will not turn your life,

But my kind love will guide you.

I swear I will not be in your silence,

But my song will be with you,

 I swear my love I will not see you,

But my soul will always miss you……     Vibhash Ojha